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AI & Mid-Revenue Cycle Management Pathways
PRIORiTIze.    STRATEGize.    OPTIMize.

Mid-Revenue Cycle Management (MRCM)

Measure Performance, Manage Risks and Minimize Revenue Leakage


Conduct a daily review of charges on claims held in a Discharged Not Final Billed (DNFB) status

Charge Reconciliation Process Improvements

Clinical Departments must assume ownership, responsibility and reconcile their charges daily

Keep an Eye on RI

Evaluate the impact that AI-Assisted   

Automation has on your Claims Management process and Reimbursement performance metrics

Pre-Bill Edit Management

Analyze Pre-Bill Edit automation, and flagged accounts to minimize the risk of claims not being dropped for billing timely

HIM & Revenue Integrity

HIM and RI work together to Achieve Operational Efficiency, Compliance, and Optimal Reimbursement Objectives

CDM Management & Maintenance Audits

Optimize your Charge Description Master (CDM), and Enhance Reimbursement Opportunities with a targeted or focused CDM Review

Pre/Post EHR Implementations

Set Clear and Measurable Pre/Post Implementation, Launch, and Go-Live Goals

Work Queue Maintenance

Create, Manage & Modify WQ Activities daily to minimize excessive backlogs from occurring

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