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Mid-Revenue Cycle Management Pathway to Success 
PRIORiTIze.    STRATEGize.    OPTIMize.

Mid-Revenue Cycle Management (MRCM)

Measure Performance, Manage Risks and Minimize Revenue Leakage

Keep an Eye on RI

Evaluate the impact that AI-Assisted   

Automation has on your Claims Management process and Reimbursement performance metrics

CDM Management & Maintenance Audits

Optimize your Charge Description Master (CDM), and Enhance Reimbursement Opportunities with a targeted or focused CDM Review

Pre-Bill Edit Management

Analyze Pre-Bill Edit automation, and flagged accounts to minimize the risk of claims not being dropped for billing timely

Pre/Post EHR Implementations

Set Clear and Measurable Pre/Post Implementation, Launch, and Go-Live Goals

Charge Reconciliation Process Improvements

Clinical Departments must assume ownership, responsibility and reconcile their charges daily

HIM & Revenue Integrity

HIM and RI work together to Achieve Operational Efficiency, Compliance, and Optimal Reimbursement Objectives

Work Queue Maintenance

Create, Manage & Modify WQ Activities daily to minimize excessive backlogs from occurring

Charge Integrity

Conduct a daily review of charges on claims held in a Discharged Not Final Billed (DNFB) status

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