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Mid-Revenue Cycle Management Pathway to Success 
PRIORiTIze.    STRATEGize.    OPTIMize.


The P3 Mid-Revenue Cycle Management subject matter experts (SME), a new generation of investigative experts and solution providers.  We are eRevenue Integrity (eRI) and eHealth Information Management (eHIM) problem solvers. Our Mission revolves around driving QUALITY, INTEGRITY, and COMPLIANCE objectives.  

Every single ICD-10, CPT, or HCPCS code either translates into a claim payment or has the potential to impact reimbursement delays, rejections, and denials. P3's Policy, Procedure, and  Process Improvement Approach to achieving Best Practice protocols, and standards enhance our ability to support clients in achieving desired coding compliance and revenue-generating goals.

We strive to proactively identify potential DATA, DOCUMENTATION, and REVENUE ISSUES.


Is accelerating the speed at which policy, procedure, and process improvements deliver operational excellence and optimal RI and HIM Performance outcomes are achieved.


The P3 Approach uses a Proprietary specDECK© created, developed and curated by the P3 Quality team.  This methodology allows us to track, trend, measure, and monitor the performance of leading practice processes. The specDECK© also allows us scale current state to ideal future state process improvements. 


Fast-Tracking the Management and Maintenance of Mid-Revenue Cycle Management (MRCM) Implementation Initiatives to support the alignment with Best Practice Compliance solutions.  


Measuring and Monitoring revenue-generating key performance indicator (KPI) metrics that drive optimal process improvement outcomes!


  • Mid-Revenue Cycle Management 

  • Revenue Integrity (RI)

  • CDM Management & Maintenance

  • Charge Capture Integrity

  • Charge Reconciliation Process Improvements

  • Pre-Bill Edit Management

  • Health Information Management (HIM)

  • Pre/Post EHR Implementation Support

  • Work Queue Maintenance

20 Minute Consultation

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