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Mid-Revenue Cycle Management Pathway to Success 
PRIORiTIze.    STRATEGize.    OPTIMize.


The P3 Mid-Revenue Cycle Management subject matter experts (SME) are the next generation of eRevenue Integrity (eRI) and Health Information Management (HIM) problem solvers. We strive to create an enterprise-wide Corporate Revenue Integrity transformation experience that translates every single clinical service rendered into revenue-driven results.


We provide virtual support to hospitals, clinics, providers, and partner organizations, including, but not limited to Virtual Policy, Procedure, and  Process Integrity Improvements that align with Regulatory and Best Practice protocols and recommendations!


Is to accelerate the speed at which policy, procedure, and process improvement solutions and operational excellence are delivered, and optimal outcomes are achieved.


Here at P3, we focus on using our Proprietary Methodologies that are designed, created, and curated by the Founder of P3 Quality, LLC and Draper Publishing, LLC. to support 

clients with Improving, Transforming, and Sustaining Business Process Management and Systems Performance.


Our Methodologies fast-track Mid-Revenue Cycle Management (MRCM) Best Practices solutions, deliver metrics-driven results, and scale successful outcomes!


  • Mid-Revenue Cycle Management 

  • Revenue Integrity (RI)

  • Charge Capture Integrity

  • Charge Reconciliation Process Improvements

  • Pre-Bill Edit Management

  • Health Information Management (HIM)

  • Pre/Post EHR Implementations

  • Work Queue Maintenance

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